Who Are We?

We exist to inspire a vibrant faith in Jesus.

As a church community we cultivate an atmosphere that uplifts the soul and spirit, and relates to the human experience. We make people feel comfortable because we are positive, expressive and encouraging, and genuinely so. We maintain a sense of youthfulness in our disposition, in that we don't take ourselves too seriously and believe it's important to have fun in church. When you encounter us you'll be exposed to our humor and charm, and it's this carefree quality that causes us to be accommodating in the midst of real-life requirements. If you are in the Tri Cities area come and see for yourself, we'd love to meet you!
  • "Today was my first day brought my 16 year nephew and he gave his life to God. Love this place."

    Stacie Green via facebook
  • It's HOME and JESUS is number 1! God has led me Here to meet all these awesome Chist followers.

    Erwin Felicitas via facebook

    Ryan Forsythe via facebook
  • You can definitely feel his presence here and Pastor Matt is just hilarious!!! What could be better then that?? It is so welcoming and comfortable here!!! My teenage son loooves the youth group!!!

    Jennifer Norris Brown via facebook


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Wednesday Life Class James Bible Study We will be continuing our study on the Book of James in the Sanctuary....

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2588 N Columbia Center BLVD Richland, WA99352 (509) 491-1308
SUNDAY at 9, 10:30, 12, 7  //  FRESH START on Tuesdays @ 7PM  //  YOUTH on Thursdays @ 7PM
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