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Welcome To New Vintage

There is an unmistakable life-giving quality about New Vintage Church, because we serve the One who gives life. This is not something that we manufacture, but an inner fervor and energy that filters through us as a result of the joy we're filled with. We are passionate about Jesus, and that makes us excited about the opportunities that surround us. There's just something different about Jesus followers because, well, there really is something different about us-- namely, Jesus.

We feel that New Vintage Church is a unique church. In fact, it's our desire that people actually enjoy showing up! We worship Jesus and present the Gospel without compromise. We also recognize that this message must be relevant and inspiring within our culture. We really attempt to understand the fabric of our culture and community, and our presentation reflects that awareness. We are engaging and emotional, light-hearted and expressive, and we wrap these qualities into a delivery of Truth that's meaningful.

Also, we cultivate an atmosphere that uplifts the soul and spirit, and relates to the human experience. We make people feel comfortable because we are positive, expressive and encouraging, and genuinely so. We maintain a sense of youthfulness in our disposition, in that we don't take ourselves too seriously and believe it's important to have fun in church. When you encounter us you'll be exposed to our humor and charm, and it's this carefree quality that causes us to be accommodating in the midst of real-life requirements.

Come and see for yourself, we'd love to meet you!

Contact Info

2588 North Columbia Center BLVD
Richland, WA 99352
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday @ 9AM to 5PM
Sunday Services: 9AM, 10:30AM, 12PM
Fresh Start: Tuesdays @ 7PM
Youth Service: Thursday @ 7PM