We are a church being gathered that is centered on the person and mission of Jesus. He is our Savior, we love him, we desire to design and maintain a community of believers that keep Christ and his mission at the core of all that we do. We do not simply believe in “God” in a generic way—We believe that God is revealed to the world in Jesus Christ, and He now operates in and through his followers, the Church. We preach Jesus, pray in Jesus’ name, sing his name in our songs, and share testimonies of how Jesus has impacted us and transformed us. This is more than a value, He is our way, our truth and our life. We long to develop our passionate love affair with our redeemer through worship, devotion and obedience.


We are an outward focused church; meaning that we love what Jesus loves–people. Our vision craves a powerful, practical and life-giving church that touches our community and changes lives. One of our passions is to see all races represented in the church, from the leadership team to those who are attending. As Jesus impacts and changes our lives we too are to bring that to our immediate community. In fact, we want to reach all kinds of people—even people that are shunned in our culture today. We will filter all of our outward focused efforts on reaching people that need to know Him. Our desire is to appeal to people of all ages who need Jesus in their life. We believe reaching all people is the heart of Jesus.


Jesus went from town to town preaching and healing the sick. Our vision includes a desire for us, as Jesus’ disciples, to have a direct impact on the city we live in. Would the community miss our presence if we were to leave? If the answer is yes, then we are having an impact. Different cities have different needs, cultures, and distinct qualities. Churches need to be planted with a heart to touch the city they are a part of—we are salt and light, and should not be silent and unseen. Instead, we should be involved in the schools, with the government, with the civic servants, and the laborers of our city. We will raise up and send out called and qualified church planters to touch the neighboring cities to where we are, and also to cities around the world. In addition to this, we model unity with the churches in the area.