Where we do life together!

This means that small groups are the place where NVC attendees get to connect. We know that everyone needs friends. No one fights alone. So small groups exist as the place where the family of NVC incorporates new people who need us as much as we need them. As we get to know each other the wonderful unleashing of the Holy Spirit in transforming power causes us to see His deliverance, provision, healing and in filling take place on a visible level.

Miracles happen!


Our vision is twofold:

To see every person who attends NVC find their place in Small Groups.

To place in our community a small group in every neighborhood in the Tri-Cities.

First in each City.

Then each sector.

Then each housing development or community.

All for our King.

Jesus. People. Cities.

Small Group Values

1. Train and release lay pastors to effectively gather, lead, and disciple NVC attendees.
2. Groups meet routinely: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
3. During the meetings an approved study will be presented by the leader.
4. Relationship fostering, mentoring and pastoral care happens in and out of meetings.
5. Leaders display a deep heartfelt loyalty to the mission,vision and pastoral staff at NVC.
6. Time off will be built into the yearly schedule to allow leaders to rest.
7. Groups will strive to not schedule events that conflict with general church events and meetings.
8. Groups will be open to anyone who calls NVC home. They will close when the venue is filled.
9. Each Small Group will sponsor a ministry in the church.
10. Group leaders, or their designee, will complete meeting reports and send to Small Group administrative specialist.

Habits of a Successful Small Group Leader

A. Daily commitment to excellence in your personal life
Thankfulness: acknowledging every morning His mercies are new
Bible study
Wholesome thinking
Love in action

B. Commitment to the local church
Attending regularly
Serving in more than one capacity
Giving of your money and resources in a consistent basis
Supporting, and when necessary, defending the vision and mission

C. Pastoral heart for the people of God
Being genuinely happy to see the people of NVC whenever you bump into them
Taking time to care about those you speak with.
Deliberately meeting new people in the church
Making time during the week to "share a cup of coffee" with those under your influence

D. Having open eyes and an awareness of peoples' need for Jesus in your daily activities
Making eye contact with people
Anticipating situations where a friendly word strikes up a conversation
Being open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to engage someone in need
Generally being an encourager to people

Small Group Leaders In Training

Potential leaders will normally be identified by NVC Pastoral Staff, Elders and core leaders. These leaders have demonstrated spiritual discernment and are best suited to "hear" the Spirit in these matters. This does not exclude an individual from personally asking to be considered.
After being identified, the Small Group pastors will arrange a meeting with the person or married couple to get a sense of their spiritual maturity/ skill set (gifting).
Finally they will be approved to attend training by the Senior Pastor or their designee.

Leaders training will take place in our Small Group Leaders Small Group.
This group will be led by the small group pastors. It will be weekly or bi-weekly depending on its size.
Each candidate will be given opportunities to lead the group. An evaluation from the entire group will be provided at the conclusion. A private eval will be given by the small group pastors.
The standard length of this training will be eight sessions attended by each prospect. There will be exceptions to this standard for prospects who demonstrate advanced skills or for those who need more instruction.
The launching of a new group with the new leader will be approved by the Senior Pastor or their designee.

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