Proposed Launch: September 23rd, 2018

Interested in being a part of the Pasco Volunteer Launch Team? Here are your next steps:

  1. Watch the info video.
  2. Email Jeff with any questions:
  3. Fill out the Volunteer Application form:

    4.  Come to the next Pasco Team Meeting Aug 12.



By the leading of the Holy Spirit, and driven by a passion to reach the lost, we propose extending the work of New Vintage Church by starting a second campus in central Pasco. This conviction has not been pushed forward by one person, or even a handful of people, but fueled by the prayers and dreams of hundreds over the course of years. Our timeline is to begin in the Fall of 2018.

We believe there is an incredible opportunity directly before us!  Since day one of New Vintage Church, our dream has included having locations in each of the major areas of the Tri Cities.  Most recently Pasco has been a burden on our Pastors’ hearts for the first expression of this expansion.  Full of faith, we believe 2018 will be the year to launch this campus.  We are eager to begin reaching the beautiful city of Pasco, and start what God has called us to onto the North side of the river.  This will take effort from ALL of us in one way or another, to make the dream a reality.  All can pray for God to open the doors. Most of us can sow seed financially toward this effort.  And some of us can actually be a part of the Pasco congregation and Launch Team!  This information is primarily for those who feel a calling and have a willingness to be a part of planting a new campus.  We are looking for individuals with a heart to serve, who care about people, and are passionate for Jesus. Love for the Gospel, and the Church will be central to anyone who wants to be a part of this team.




  • To launch with 225 people from New Vintage Church who believe in the mission of our church.
  • To form a Pasco Launch Team of 50-70 volunteers to make it happen.
  • To occupy a strategic location in the central part of Pasco, on or near Court street, with easy access and proximity to Columbia Community College, Pasco High School, and the thousands of homes located there.
  • To raise all the funding necessary to launch a well planned out, and beautifully outfitted building to hold services.  Things that will be needed for the outfitting of the building are sound equipment, staging, chairs, classroom supplies, signage, etc.
  • To see hundreds of people who have never heard the Good News, or made any movement towards following Jesus Christ in their life, come to a place of committed faith because of the work Christ does through us.
  • For the congregation to be self supporting financially within the first year.
  • To start having church services in September of 2018.

Ways YOU can get involved

  • We are asking for everyone who calls NVC their home church, to make this Pasco Launch a priority in prayer.
  • Join our Pasco launch team.  Fill out an application, and come to the remaining monthly Pasco Launch Team meetings.
  • Give money towards this initiative.  As a starting point, we are asking people  who attend NVC to give regularly to New Vintage Church.  Beyond that, we are looking for donors to give generously as an offering toward this project.  


In the works is what we will refer to as a Portable Location.  This will be a  rented space, but rented only on Sundays. It will not be available for mid-week use.  The advantage of a Portable Location is that it is much, much lower in start-up costs than a permanent location. Below are the costs:

  • Monthly Costs to operate the facility:  UNKNOWN.  ESTIMATE:  $4,000 per month. (Rent, supplies, operations)
  • Chairs $7,000 (deluxe folding chairs x 250)
  • Sound Equipment: $20,000
  • Signage (exterior and interior): $8,000
  • Online Advertising: $500
  • Kids Classroom equipment: $4,000
  • Computers: $2,500
  • Coffee start-up equipment: $1,000
  • Printing: $500
  • Video Equipment (including for broadcast): $4,000
  • Lighting: $2,500


How will we pay for this?

  • We are believing that people who are not regular givers to our church but attend, will begin to give regularly.  This can increase our forecasted income by $50K.
  • We will present to the entire church an opportunity to invest in the initiative through one time donations.  We endeavor to raise $50K.
  • As we shop for the equipment we need, we are looking to find bundled deals, discounts, and donations.  This could save us $10K.
pasco campus launch cost nvctc.png



how WILL the Campus function?

  • New Vintage Church is the church, and Pasco will be a campus, or an extension of the vision, mission and values of the church.  Pastors Matt and Lisa are the head pastors of this campus, with a dedicated team under them, including campus pastors, support from our paid staff, and our volunteer teams.
  • This will be a video campus, meaning:  The primary preaching portion of the service will be a live or recorded version from the Richland campus.  The message will be from that weekend, not a week-old message.
  • We will have one 11am service time option in Pasco.  This will expand as the attendance grows.
  • Several NVC features will happen at this campus:
    • Full worship experience, with a live band, live emcee, and on-site campus Pastors.
    • Full childcare for the services.
    • Connect Class will happen at the Pasco location.
    • Small Groups will form at the Pasco location.
    • Prayer and Ministry teams will be at the Pasco location.
    • Coffee and Welcome teams will be at the Pasco location.
  • Several NVC features will be available at the central, Richland campus, that Pasco attendees can participate in:
    • GRAVITY, our youth ministry will be at the Richland location.
    • FLOURISH, our women’s ministry will be at the Richland location.
    • FRESH START, our recovery ministry will be at the Richland location.
  • Our current goal is to launch with a Grand Opening on September 23, 2018.  There will be a couple of “dress rehearsal” services prior to this.  In addition, we will have a monthly team training for preparing for the team for the new endeavor.
  • We will rely on an incredible effort of volunteers to make this happen.  We are not going to be hiring to launch the Pasco campus—We will utilize our existing staff, and train a potent team of dedicated, passionate volunteers to become leads over each necessary team.  Each person who volunteers needs to be available to do whatever is necessary to make the campus function well, regardless of their preferred place of service.  Our core team will begin to put volunteers leads into position as we get closer; but the spirit of helping and doing whatever is needed is what makes a launch team like this so exciting.
We hope you consider joining the launch team!  Let us know...we’ve been praying for you!
— Matt & Lisa Molt
 Pasco Launch Team Meeting

Pasco Launch Team Meeting