Office Manager

Position Summary

Manage the daily operations of the church office. Most of the work in this position is done within an office environment requiring minimal physical activity. Some lifting of objects less than 40 pounds, stretching, bending squatting, sitting, typing, and other activities related to office work will be required.

Primary Function

The Church Office Manager is a 40 hour a week, salaried position responsible for the coordination of all of NVC’s communication platforms and master church calendar, the management of the church office functions and all essential records maintenance, and help with coordination for the areas of property maintenance, counting and recording tithes & offerings, and database management. This position is an integral part of all ministries. Most importantly, this person will often be the first point of contact and reference for visitors and members. As such, an attitude of welcoming hospitality and good communication skills are essential. This person must strive to embody our mission of serving Jesus, People, and Cities.

Reporting and Supervision

The Office Manager will operate in an autonomous manner and will exhibit a high level of independence and motivation. The Office Manager position reports directly to the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the church Elders. Evaluations will be conducted quarterly the first year of employment and annually thereafter.

Job Responsibilities

  1. CORRESPONDENCE: Respond to individuals needing written communication. Compose letters when requested by the pastoral staff. Be sure all correspondence is mailed in a timely manner.
  2. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Operate, clean regularly, and recommend to the supervisor maintenance needs for all office equipment (i.e., copier, folding machine, typewriters, computer, etc.).
  3. PREPARATION OF MONTHLY EMAIL BULLETIN: Gathering information and preparing it for a monthly email out to congregation members. Update Calendar section of the Website.
  4. MAINTAIN COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE MASTER LIST OF PASSWORDS in coordination with the tech and admin team.
  5. SECRETARIAL SUPPORT TO PASTORAL STAFF: Help with correspondence, telephoning, and any other tasks that might be done to free them as much as possible to do more important duties. This includes taking notes at staff meetings and other meetings and disperse to needed circles of communication.
  6. MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE FILES: Keep all files in an orderly manner and prepare filing system directions for other users. Maintain records of baptisms, dedications, weddings, membership and visitor attendance.
  8. KEYS: Maintain a current list of key holders and provide keys to personnel as needed. Collect keys when people leave.
  9. FINANCES:  Payroll and vendor payments are the responsibility of the office manager. Maintain petty cash if we start one.
  12. RECEIVES VISITORS TO OFFICE AND RESPONDS TO NEEDS.  Screens calls and visitors to the staff.
  14. INVENTORY CONTROL FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES. Provides an uninterrupted support of total church office operations. Orders supplies as needed.
  15. SUPERVISION OF VOLUNTEER OFFICE HELP. Includes recruiting, scheduling, training, and work review.
  16. PREPARATION OF THE ANNUAL REPORT. (in coordination with Dave Borders) Responsible for setting reasonable deadlines for acquiring reports from the commissions, typing the information received, editing, formatting, proofreading, copying and assembly of reports.
  17. BOOKKEEPING. Maintains a complete and systematic set of records of business transactions. Balances books and prepares reports to show receipts, expenditures, accounts payable, and various other items pertinent to the operation of the church, including counting and recording of all charitable donations and prepare end of year giving receipts.
  18. MAINTAIN PERSONNEL RECORDS. To maintain personnel files on all personnel, pastoral and support/office staff, as outlined in Employee Policy.  Date of hire, etc.
  19. OFFICE PROCEDURE MANUAL. Maintain an Office Procedure Manual so that information as to the function of the church office is kept up-to-date and is easily accessible to others should it be needed.
  20. PRINTED MATERIALS: (in coordination with Graphic Lead and Department leads) As necessary, update any printed materials so that information is accurate and current (i.e., Application for Assistance, Facility Use Forms, etc.).  Some print and collating for classes.  Oversee the preparation for communion.
  21. Open and close office Monday- Thursday.  On rotation for lock up on weekend services.
  22. Counting the attendance of services and recording them in Church Metrics.
  23. Coordinates communication with the wedding assistant, funeral assistant, reception coordinator, and office volunteers.
  24. Helps train office volunteers so they can sub when necessary

Job Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality.
  2. Develop an attitude toward role as a minister of church, not merely office help.
  3. Demonstrate a high level of trust. (A violation of trust will result in immediate dismissal.).
  4. Display the ability to communicate well, both verbally and written.
  5. Create an environment that is inviting to people passing through on a daily basis.
  6. When urgent situations arise, your first priority is to the person involved. Identify the need and its degree of urgency. Then refer, counsel, or take a message for one of the pastoral staff members.
  7. Develop procedure for handling complaints and problems.
  8. Develop procedure for handling visitors during office hours.
  9. Cooperation in scheduling and planning to see that the goals and objectives of the church are being realized is necessary. This assumes a firsthand knowledge of current policies, procedures and programs at the church.
  10. Keep abreast of church protocol by keeping policies current and drafting needed policies for the pastoral staff to channel to the proper commissions.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Education achievement equivalent to graduation from high school; AA degree preferred. Bilingual a plus.
  2. A minimum 2 years’ experience in office management.
  3. Ability to train, motivate, organize and direct the work of volunteers; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  4. Knowledge of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation; alphabetical numerical and chronological sequences, proper telephone etiquette, business letter formats, and performs duties under pressure with many interruptions.
  5. Proficient in typing (at least 50 wpm), data entry, Microsoft Office,
  6. Must have a testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ.
  7. Must be coachable, accountable, moldable, humble, forgiving.
  8. Must be outgoing and able to handle high public contact and difficult visitors.
  9. Must have a clean public appearance and maintain high professional standards.
  10. Must be in general good health and able to bend, stoop, lift up to 40 lbs., file, type, talk on the phone, and walk to various parts of the campus.
  11. Represent New Vintage Church
  12. Present a professional, calm, and welcoming presence
  13. Maintains a high degree of confidentiality and communicates directly with pastoral staff if there is any question about whether a matter is confidential or not.
  14. Passes a criminal justice fingerprint clearance, as well as a background, and criminal record.