Graphics Artist

Position Summary

Conceptualize, visualize and design communication materials across multiple projectsincluding internet, email campaigns, print marketing, brand identity, and more.

Primary Function

The Graphics Artist must have an ability to give, receive and analyze information, formulate work plans, prepare written materials and articulate goals and action plans. The Graphics Artist must also be able to resolve problems, handle conflict, and make effective decisions.

Reporting and Supervision

The Graphics Artist will operate on a project basis and will exhibit a high level of independence and motivation. The Graphics Artist position reports directly to the Senior Pastor. Evaluations will be conducted quarterly the first year of employment and annually thereafter.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Partner with the creative director in the creative vision of the church.
  2. Uphold the style guide and brand of New Vintage Church.
  3. Interact with ministries for direction and feedback on projects.
  4. Prep files and package projects for delivery to vendors.
  5. Approve proofs and check for product quality/accuracy.
  6. Generate ideas for visual communications for a variety of projects including internet, email campaigns, print marketing, brand identity, UI/UX design and more.
  7. Create both thumbnail sketches (or rough drafts) and detailed comprehensives for presentation of design concepts.
  8. Collaborate regularly with creative team and department heads to brainstorm and exchange design ideas and updates on modifications and changes.
  9. Develops digital graphics that can be easily handed off for web and email implementation.
  10. Responsible for the design of various collateral pieces ranging in description from book, pamphlets and fliers, to special direct-mail pieces, or any other requested pieces.
  11. Works with some supervision and maintains a strong, consistent work pace as deadlines demand.
  12. Provide photography as required.
  13. Some help with video projects may be required.

Job Requirements & Guidelines

  1. Sensitive to needs of others, which includes a love and commitment to the members and congregation of NVC staff.
  2. Must maintain a good attendance record.
  3. Must have a testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ.
  4. Must be a member of NVC, regularly attend church services, and support the leadership of NVC.
  5. Must be a regular giver to NVC.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in art, graphics, or communication design preferred.
  2. Has a portfolio of design concepts.
  3. A minimum 2 years’ experience as a graphics professional, agency experience preferred.
  4. Has experience with special emphasis on print and internet marketing design.
  5. Needs skill with photorealistic pieces and the ability to create illustrated pieces.
  6. Needs own computer, software and camera.
  7. Exhibits an expertise of the principles of concept development, design, typography and Internet technologies necessary for dynamic and successful visual communication.
  8. Has strong design skills reflecting the successful implementation of the principles of concept development and design (typography, color, layout, and composition), internet and email design, digital implementation and layout procedures.
  9. Has expert proficiency in Adobe CS Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  10. Is fluent with PC, Mac OS, Apple Mobile devices.
  11. Has excellent communication and organizational skills.
  12. Is assertive and dependable.
  13. Is able to manage high volume of work and be able to toggle between tasks quickly, mentally and physically.
  14. Is able to prioritize work efficiently, effectively manage time and be organized.
  15. Must be capable of working independently with little supervision on assigned projects and meet deadlines.
  16. Must have a high level of maturity and confidentiality.
  17. Must work well with others, as a team and according to Romans 16:17, must not cause dissension and division.
  18. Must possess a servant’s heart and operate as Armor Bearer.
  19. Interpersonal skills necessary to interact with diverse groups of people, considerable skill and diplomacy in communication. Ability to build effective working relationships inside and outside departments or groups.
  20. Self-motivated and takes initiative. Ability to react with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround.
  21. Operates with pre-emptive thinking and must be discerning and able to make good judgment calls with minimum supervision.