Vintage Kids Camp

August 1st-3rd, 9am-12:30pm at NVC
Free event!

Hey NVC! we are extremely excited to announce that this summer, will be having our first ever VKids-camp!!! This three day adventure will be full of friends, games, snacks, crafts, dancing, extreme fun and most importantly JESUS!! Trust me, your kids will not want to miss this. 

Join us as we set out to discover our faithful friend and mighty hero king JESUS. On this three day journey our kids will search through the beauty of Science, the mystery of creation, the importance of a team, the fun in sports and that wild word “Super” that comes before Hero!

This three day journey begins at 9am on August 1st at NVC for ages 4-12. 

Theme - "Jesus Around Me"
Day 1- Science and Creation
Day 2- Friends and teamwork
Day 3- Heroes and role models "favorite character"
Snacks and drinks provided.
Things to bring - "bible, allergy friendly snacks if needed and a water bottle"

Save the date on your calendar! SIGN UP by July 30 HERE.