At New Vintage Church we exist to love and serve people. We do this through our amazing Dream Team! From our Kids ministry to our door greeters, from our worship team to our prayer teams, we believe there is a place for you! New Vintage functions because of our great team of volunteers who make every service and every special event happen!


This team is made up of the most friendly and loving people here at NVC. This team works hard to make everyone feel welcome and at home as they visit NVC. This team is the first impression of NVC many will receive! They prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering and maintaining a distraction free environment. If you’ve got the ability to smile a lot and a heart to serve everyone, this team is for you! 


The prayer team is crucial to every service we hold here at NVC. Our prayer teams are made up of well seasoned and trained individuals who love Jesus and have a heart to see others living the free and vibrant life of faith and joy Jesus desires for all of us.

vintage kids nvctc.png

Safety, Fun and Jesus, this is our goal in Vintage kids. Vintage Kids operates as a co-op, which means as a we believe no one cares for your children as well as you, so we ask parents to be on a 6 week rotation with us, serving for one service every 6 weeks. Our team is also made up of individuals who simply love Jesus and greatly value the younger generation! Every volunteer in Vintage Kids goes through a Washington State background check to assure safety for our kids and peace of mind for parents!

ministry nvctc2.png

The Ministry team works hand in hand with our prayer teams on a weekly basis to connect with those who make 1st time decisions to follow Christ during our weekend services. This team is made up of individuals who love more than anything, to see people turn to Jesus and to help them walk out the next steps.



We believe doing life together is important for the life of our church, and there is no better way to do so than in small groups. Our Small Group Leads are; members of NVC, trained and qualified individuals or couples who love to host “community.” We have a saying at NVC that “No one fights alone,” and as a Small Group lead you will have the opportunity to stand with people and see great miracles!


NVC Worship is made up of talented, vibrant and caring individuals who believe what they do for the service is vitally important for the life of the church as well as the life of the people who make up the church! Our aim as a worship team is to point people to Jesus and to set the table for our Pastor to preach effectively. To join the worship team you must be a member and go through our tryout process. If you love music and love Jesus, this team might be for you!


Fresh Start is our Christ centered recovery based ministry, designed for people from all walks of life who struggle with hurts, habits or hangups. Our lively, energetic and compassionate team serves passionately those who are on their journey to complete healing. We believe everyone deserves a fresh start!

hospitality nvctc.png

Our hospitality team is made up of the most caring, compassionate and loving people! Not to mention the best cooks! The hospitality team will provide support for events, conferences and general services. If you simply love to host people, this might be the team for you!

facilities nvctc2.png

The facilities team is made up of some of our best people with huge servant hearts! This team is almost 100% behind the scenes and rarely gets the credit it deserves, but these individuals make NVC go! They are here through the week, cleaning and setting up for mid-week services and Sundays. If you’re looking for a way to help out and have a whatever it takes attitude, this is your team!


Audio, Visual and Lighting. If you have an eye for detail, are skilled in video or projection, or you have an ear for quality sound we’d love to meet you! This team is built with trained and qualified individuals with a heart for worship and a desire to serve each element of the services


Our creative team is built on individuals who see great value in, you guessed it, creativity! These people run our social media, web site, app, make all of our videos, take all photos and design our graphics. If you are passionate about creatively pointing people to Jesus, we’d love to meet you!

Gravity is a growing and vibrant Youth and Young Adult ministry here at NVC. With passionate worship, inspiring, challenging and Bible rich messages, we believe we can shift the culture in our cities for how young people are viewed. Our youth team is built on individuals who love Jesus and believe greatly in the next generation! 


Flourish is our woman’s ministry that meets monthly. Here women, young and old come together to grow in relationship with one another and with Jesus. Our Flourish team is made up of Ladies passionate to see other women, not just make it but flourish in life!