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(This campus is now closed.)

Pasco Campus Closing Plan

After prayer, evaluation, consultation with our staff and elders, and also after giving the best we had to give to it, we have decided to close the Pasco campus.  

We are incredibly grateful for the effort of all those who came week after week, served and made it happen.  There were some great things that happened, and some lives forever changed.

What are the reasons for the shut down?

    • Our team made a prayerful decision on this. This was a weighty decision because of so many factors. As we prayed for God’s wisdom and leading, we feel a peace that this is the right thing to do.

    • Our team looked at fruitfulness. Was it growing? Were new people coming and being added to the church? (Not speaking of transfers from the Richland campus). Were we able to add volunteers through connect class, so as to relieve and add to the team? Were we seeing new converts? These are some of the fruitfulness metrics we used to evaluate it, and our conclusion here was that although some great things did happen, we did not see enough fruit for the effort that was being spent.

    • Our team looked at the cost. Would we be able to sustain this with Austin running two departments (the campus, and the youth)? What is the cost in manpower on the Pasco team when we are short handed? In other words, if a key kids teacher is gone, or a couple of band members are on vacation the same we have enough backup help to cover? What would be the long term cost to NVC as a whole, if Pasco never brought in enough revenue to cover the expense of having the service in Pasco. Our conclusion was that the cost to the team was too high for the amount of fruit we experienced at Pasco.

What is happening to the investment in equipment?

We will move the equipment to the Richland property, and some of this will get used right away.  Some we will store for events, or future needs.

Are we going to do campuses in the future?

Yes, but it may look a bit different.  We learned some valuable things, and like any endeavor, we hope we can grow from this and use that growth and knowledge the next time we are led to launch something again.

How will we look back on this?

We believe in stepping out in faith.  This was that—a risk, an experiment, a thing that we believed God called us to do.  So we did this, and we gave it everything we had.  That is not failure, that is obedience.  The success is in God’s hands, we are called to be faithful.  We will continue to take risks as a church, in faith, when we hear the Lord say “Go”.