There Is More, Brian Houston

There Is More, Brian Houston


It’s been a good year so far! Because we are connected to the Hillsong Church Network, I am at times made aware of conferences, albums and other things in advance of the general public. So when I received an email asking if I wanted to have an advance copy of Pastor Brian’s upcoming book, There Is More, I jumped at the chance.

I started and finished There Is More while I was away at a retreat for pastors in Breckenridge, CO. What a read! I am sometimes leery of books by pastors because they can become sermons that are typed out into book format. Not here; I felt mentored, challenged and pastored in the truest sense of the word while going through There Is More.

This is a book that is about challenging yourself to live a life full of faith. The title could suggest that it is a self-help, or a prosperity-gospel themed read, but again, I found this book to be surprisingly challenging and biblical and balanced in its entirety. At my age, the challenge to dream again, to believe God for all that He has promised to me in his Word was apropos. Houston’s premise is that we can’t out-dream or out-faith the God of Faith and the Giver of dreams. He proceeds to use a theme of contrasts in each chapter to cause us to consider where we are in our own lives and where we can be.

“Define success however you like, but the way God defines it is different than the way the world does.  It’s not about acquisition or self-indulgence. Success in the kingdom of God is so often about service.”

Pastor Brian handles adeptly the balance between faith and presumption; obedience and abundance; and how credibility and faithfulness come from our character. I was impressed with his take on people who are so “heavenly-minded that they are no earthly good”. His wise years of pastoring a single church (although, now the largest global church in the world) have been “dyed into the wool” of this book. You will be challenged unflinchingly by his words at times, and yet it is layered in a tone of encouragement—this is the mark of Pastor Brian Houston’s ministry.

I give it 7.5 stars out of 10, and this is a book that would be great for anyone from high school age on up. There IS more for each of us!

“Just as we can be confident that love is a doorway to marriage, discipline is necessary for weight loss, and sowing will always usher in reaping, so it is my belief that you will not experience the abundant life God promises without good old-fashioned obedience—Obedience to His Word and obedience to follow His precepts and trust in His promises.  Obedience is a precursor to abundance.”