Learning To Lead


Learning To Lead is a project that I have wanted to undertake for awhile now, and I am excited to roll it out to all of you.  The idea for it began as a way for me to be able to share what I am learning, and be a boost to you and your leadership.  Because I really enjoy reading books, but have found some to be better generally than others; and have also found some to be better in certain topics than others...I began to imagine a place where I could post reviews and synopsis of books for you to look through.  

My hope is that you would see a post about a book that perhaps you are interested in, but haven’t purchased yet. Then, by reading our review, it could give you the ability to make an informed decision on whether or not that particular book would help you in your personal development.

Much of my reading and my experience have been lessons in growing as a leader—thus, the emphasis on Learning to LeadAlong with that, I have found over and over again that to grow in my leadership it requires a deep commitment to it and intentional efforts in learning—thus the emphasis on Learning to Lead.  So the title of this blog reflects the nature of both learning and leading, and hopefully we can all grow faster together in those arenas.

Although this is the introduction post, and much will be determined as I go, my intention is to not only post helpful book reviews, but also post some leadership essays to share on topics that have crossed my experience in life and as a pastor.  Other guest “post-ers” will be sharing from time to time as well.  And perhaps down the road, you may even see some video segments.

To you!  The reader, the leader, the person interested in growing and leading well, thanks for stopping by.